Why SageOS?

Sage OS provides AI-empowered insights to accelerate transformative leadership coaching. Scalable and adaptable, Sage OS is ready to tune to your team’s specific needs. Our expertise is deeply rooted in the startup world, leaving traditional learning and growth models behind. It’s time to increase productivity, energize mindsets, and cultivate thriving team cultures.

Deliver results, that matter. Without burning out.

Improved leadership skills

Nurture more effective leadership, witness improved productivity, morale, and overall team performance.

Better decision-making

SageOS is a sounding board for your team’s ideas and helps to identify blind spots or potential pitfalls in the decision-making process, creating more positive outcomes.

Stress management

SageOS helps to identify sources of stress and develop strategies to manage it more effectively, leading to increased resilience and better overall mental health.


SageOS provides a level of accountability for your team, helping clients stay focused, form positive habits and create better working practices.

Provide an experience we know your team will love!

Client satisfaction rating 9.1 / 10

Gain a competitive edge when driving strategic efforts

  • Cluster analysis: Identify common challenges and root causes, providing actionable insights.
  • Burnout levels: Assess team members nearing burnout, enabling proactive measures.
  • Emotional cues: Analyze team emotions, gaining valuable insight into mindset.
  • Hidden insights: Discover team sentiments, revealing untapped potential for improvement.

AI enhancement to unlock human potential

How it works?

Our unique and flexible structure fits into even your busiest people’s days, creating measurable results in the most personalized and impactful way. We offer standard coaching and micro-coaching sessions that seamlessly integrate into your working culture.

  • 1 x month 1h session with a coach with start-up team leadership experience.
  • Extra weekly or bi-weekly check-ins with a coach (total of 1 hour / month).
  • Insights for meaningful action for the leader after each session. SageOS provides an assessment, measures progress and formulates individualized learning and growth for your people.

Simple set-up

Book a free 30 minute call with SageOS.

Set up a pilot group of leaders in your organisation.

Receive a monthly invoice for the sessions.

Our coaches

Protection of privacy and confidentiality

  • Sessions can be accompanied by our friendly AI companion who transcribes the sessions for advanced insights. Possibility to opt out and use the service without AI insights.
  • Every coach has ethical and contractual obligation to keep confidentiality.
  • Third party rights to data analytics are protected by Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.